East Whitby Academy Governors

The Year’s Work
A major role of governors is to follow pupils’ progress and development, academic, physical and emotional.  Governors follow year group results at the end of Autumn, Spring and Summer terms and they challenge the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher on the educational performance of the pupils and the management of staff if it is needed.  The governors also ask questions about and support the planning of the School Development Plan to ensure there is clarity of vision and strategic direction to the way the school works. 

The last school year was extremely successful.  Head teacher Mr Smith, all the teachers and school staff worked very hard with the pupils to improve their academic and all round educational performance.  Governors observed and challenged staff to ensure progress was made. 

A new assessment system - a requirement of the Department of Education - has been successfully implemented in the school.  Governors were able to support the introduction of the new system by offering ideas and support as they scrutinized children’s results.

The governors are there to help if parents have any queries.  To contact a governor, just ask at school reception, they will happily arrange it.  If you have any queries about the school please do not hesitate to contact the governors on 01947 602202.