Life Centre, Newcastle 17th September

As part of their topic 'Our Body' Years 3 and 4 went to the Life Centre in Newcastle

This week Miss Beedle’s class were extremely busy: we were working on our topic(our body) as part of this we went to Newcastle Life Centre which was just over two hours away. We were learning about skeletons, labelling the bones on your body. Some people remembered some words as other words that they sounded like. The trip was extremely far away but it was worth the wait and getting up extra early. First we played on the game area where there were playstations from years ago. It would be rare if you got a modern day game.

After that we entered the Planetarium, and it was a lot better than I expected, it explained how the Earth moved and if a rocket with a massive mirror shot up into the air what would happen and what would affect the Earth.

Afterwoods we went to the circus and it was quite entertaining the show was all about spinning and how it could make science tricks look like magic. Later on we went on the 4D spongebob square pants ride. After the ride we did a circulation and movement workshop. We measured our heart rate before and after exercise and found out why your heart rate gets faster. After we went back to Whitby. We had a lovely day we’d love to go back.

By Harry Pool

"The best part was the gaming because there was a ton of games like Pac-man, Donkey Kong and Minecraft".....Lucas Overington.

"The best bit I liked was the planetarium because you could relax"......Zach Price.

"At the Life Centre in Newcastle my favourite part was watching the Sponge Bob movie in 3D. My least favourite thing was travelling because I get travel sick"....Ashlee Kilpatrick.

"On the trip I liked doing the activities because it was fun"....Jasmin Hall.

"My favourite is the ride called Sponge Bob Squarepants. You got wet and bubbles came out of the floor"....Lewis Wilson.


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