Sports Relief 2016 at East Whitby

Walk a Mile

Due to poor weather this year's walk had to be switched at the last minute to the Junior playground. We tried to inform as many parents as possible of the earlier start. A big thank you to all those parents who could attend and all the staff who helped organise and run the event. All the children had a great time and really enjoyed it.

Distances Covered; Nursery-113 laps, RH-381 laps, 1F-348 laps, 2R-342 laps, 3Y-163 laps, 4B-161 laps, 4N-161 laps, 5S-245 laps, 6K- 203 laps and Ole did a full lap of the school using his cane independently. Well done everyone and we will let you know how much money has been raised once it has been counted.


5-a-side Football

After a week of qualifying the 'Sports Relief' 5-a-side football finals were held this lunchtime.

Year 5/6 Final

Year 6 'Try Hard FC' were victorious the score was 9-5

Year 3/4 Final

The year 4 team 'The Magnificent' won 4-1

Year 1/2 Final

Year 2 were the eventual winners 8-5

Great football was played all week in the right spirit. A big thank you goes to Mr McGovern for helping referee the matches.