Spring term in Pixie Class

Pixie class have made a fantastic start to the spring term.  We are all enjoying finding out the answers to the question we asked at the start of the term, what happens when we are asleep? So far we have looked at the night time sky and nocturnal animals.  This has included reading lots of lovely books about animals and the sky at night.  One question we asked was why can't we see the moon in the daytime so looking at the globe and using torches we found out that the moon shines on Australia during our daytime.  Thats where some of our uncles and aunties live!

The snow was quite exciting and gave us lots of opportunities to talk about ice and what happens to it.  We also froze some toys in the ice and used different tools to help free them.

Pixie class now have a weekly session in the hall on a Wednesday morning.  We take off our socks and shoes and do lots of movements around the hall.  These include the traffic light game where we are learning to stop and go and moving like different animals.  The children came up with some really good ideas for ways we could move around like animals. When the session has finished everyone puts on their own socks and shoes. Mrs Clarkson and Miss Sneddon are very impressed with all the children trying really hard to do this themsleves.