Artificial Intelligence!

What an amazing first term in the Griffins class. Their project discovering different aspects of Artificial Intelligence has given them so many different opportunities and understanding about how Robots are part of todays world. It included creating a robotic hand that moved, a computor programme to control a robot, their own robot design with a purpose. Discusions and debates regarding the positives and negative impact of Robots today. Their final task was to create a power point which they presented to all the key stage 2 classes in school.

"I really enjoyed making our own 3D Robot. The purpose of the Robot was to help guide people in difficult situations. We used cardboard, polystyrene, tinfoil and CDs to create the effect." .......Oliver Homer.

"My favourite part of the Robot project was the engineering, We made a fully working hi tech Robot arm. and our visit to the S.T.E.M. event in Scarborough. We saw an amazing Robot called Simon who could dance" .....Sydney Scales.

"My favourite activity in the Robot project was creating our own 3D Robot design. The Smackatron 2000 was used to transport people. It was made from cardboard, polystyrene, tape and plastic"........Harley Smith.

"My favourite section of our year 5 Robot project was collaborating with my team to present a Robot Power Point to promote the importance of Robots in our world today. The children really enjoyed watching our Powere Point"......Leona Robinson.