Book Week has left us lost for words!

'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris is the book the school used for book week. A beautifully illustrated book of poems has inspired poetry and artwork throughout the school.

After the trip on Monday to Mulgrave Woods and Sandsend beach, the children experienced nature together on this unique school trip.

Poetry and art have dominated the days all week,  talking together, writing different styles of poetry, drawing, sketching, painting, creating a colourful playground with giant chalks, have all been enjoyed by all the class. 

" Its been really exciting, I loved walking in the woods with my friends. I am really proud of my artwork and Bluebell poem."    Millie

"It was really fun, especially with my friends. In the class I think that the painting was the best. It was like one of the pictures in the book".  Arran

"This week its been really fun. The best bit was the art.....It's been the best week ever!"    Jasmin