Lantern lights for Lantern Parade.

Griffins enjoyed a creative morning making paper and bamboo lanterns for the Whitby Lantern Parade on Friday 16th November. The children will be invited to join the parade which starts at 6 o clock from the front of the Museum in Pannet Park, ( a letter will be sent with more details).

It was an opportunity for the children to show off their mathmatical knowledge as they listened and constructed the framework for the lantern. The 2D equalatoral triangle, with acute angles became a 3D triangular based pyramid!  We were very impressed when a right angle was also spotted during the process!

Finally covered in cling film the shapes were ready to decorate. Circular colourful tissue and P.V.A. glue. The children loved the activity, the finished lanterns look fantastic and will look amazing when lit up!

                                                                                How brilliant to combine art and maths!