Nurture Curiosity, Cultivate Enjoyment, Inspire Success.

Welcome to our website. Here you can find essential information and experience what we feel makes our school special. East Whitby Community Primary School is both a caring and nurturing environment where we help all our pupils aim high.

The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. What marks it out as being beyond good, is how considerate pupils are towards each otherand how they remind each other of how to behave without having to be prompted by adults. Ofsted December 2015

Children and their rounded development are at the heart of our mission. All our staff work hard to provide a skills-based curriculum that is vibrant, meaningful and full of memorable experiences, everyday children should be rushing home to tell parents what they have learnt. 

At East Whitby we want our school to reflect all the things that are special about our town. Within our campus we have a before and after-school care facility and a pre-school playgroup. We also work very closely with our town partnership schools to ensure the best for all the children of Whitby

All our children are encouraged to achieve their very best. We have a strong commitment to inclusion with provision for every individual to maximise their potential in all areas of school life.

If you are interested in any aspect of our work please contact us and come to experience our school.

Simon Smith, Headteacher


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Latest News

Unicorn and Centaur classes put on an exceptional performance of “Panto Pandemonium”. We were so proud of the way the children rose to the occasion, learning their lines, songs and actions perfectly. Their hard work and dedication to the performance showed and we were blown away, as I am sure ... Read more

In Pixie and Sprite class we have had a very special delivery, it was some caterpillars who have come to stay with us. Mrs Kerr and Miss Sneddon put them in pots with some food for them to eat. Every day we are looking at them to see if they ... Read more

On Friday 7th April Year 1 went to Caedmon School to take part in 'Quad Kids'. We were surprised to find all the activities set up outside in the astro turf area. We divided into three teams and set off with the sports leaders to do all the activities. We ... Read more

The Year 5/6 Football football team played in level 3 of the i2i Cup (North Yorkshire Finals) at Tadcaster on Saturday. The team had a great spirit and battled in every game. We won our group of 4 teams, winning 2 and drawing 1. We then played Seamer in the ... Read more

What an achievement! All three gymnastic teams (Years 1/2, Years 3/4 and Years 5/6) from East Whitby Academy have reached the North Yorkshire Youth Games to be held in York on April 5th. All three teams won their respective Ryedale competitors and will now represent Ryedale at the Youth Games. ... Read more

A group of children from Year 3 and Year 4 sang at the Eskdale Festival on Tuesday, they sang Thank Your Lucky Stars and Winter Days. Lucy Kerr said "It was exciting and I was nervous before we started singing. I knew a lot of people in the audience and ... Read more

Last Friday the Griffins went to Eden Camp. They have been learning about World War 2 with Miss Hughes. A trip to Eden Camp helped them appreciate what it was like during the war. All the huts recreated different aspects of the way people lived, shops, fashion, rationing, and how ... Read more

It was a bright sunny day on Wednesday 1 st March when Year 4 set off to Peat Rigg. The class went with Mrs Schofield and Mrs Hermon. They were all really looking forward to the experience and were very excited when they got on the coach. The children were ... Read more

On Thursday, 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day. The children were asked to dress up as a character from the book their class had chosen and were encouraged to make their own costumes using things found around the house. They didn’t disappoint, we had aliens, pirates, villagers, military, 1940s ... Read more

After reading Charlottes` Web as a class, the children created beautiful cobwebs in their art. Mrs Schofield commented on the atmosphere in the class as they all spent the afternoon painting with a choice of colours and fine brushes. Immotive music playing in the background added to the classroom ambience. ... Read more

This week we've enjoyed being artists in our 'Art Gallery' We looked at Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' Read more

This term we are finding out all about Winter. The children wanted to know about snow, where did it come from? And about wind, what is it? They also wanted to know what happened to animals in the winter. We have kept a weather watch, recording the types of weather, ... Read more

Pixie class have made a fantastic start to the spring term. We are all enjoying finding out the answers to the question we asked at the start of the term, what happens when we are asleep? So far we have looked at the night time sky and nocturnal animals. This ... Read more

Aliens have landed in Year 2 to launch our new topic 'What is Life Like on Another Planet' Read more

We have had a fantastic start to our topic 'What Happens When We Go To Sleep?' Thank you to everyone for coming in pyjamas. We went into the library to read our story 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey' and snuggled up under blankets! After talking to the children they have decided ... Read more

Pixie class now clean their teeth at school every day. All the children have their own toothbrushes which are stored in the brush buses and once a day they clean their teeth while listening to the tooth brush song. We are also learning about why we need to clean our ... Read more

Our annual Candlelight Procession and Carol Service was held at St Marys' Church on Wednesday 14th December. The story of the birth of Jesus was told through words and carols. Read more

One of the tasks given to the Griffins over half term was to build a rocket! Mrs Schofield is delighted with all the rockets that appeared this morning. A ll sorts of different materials have been used, a long with imagination. All shapes, colours and sizes are now on display ... Read more

When the children chose space as their project they probably didn't expect to be filmed interviewing `Neil Armstrong` in English. The class watched the original footage from 1969 helping them to imagine what it was like at the time. After researching about the first man who stepped on the moon, ... Read more

We were delighted to be included in the Musicport Festival 2016. The children from years 3,4 and 5, joined students from Caedmon School at the Spa Pavillion to sing together. Songs were written by David Owen especially for the festival, Rebecca Denniff arranged the songs to be sang. All the ... Read more

The Griffins went over to Eskdale School before the holidays to join in a maths challenge! Maths with a difference .. all sorts of different problems and puzzles, took each group from town to town. Some of the problems were very tricky but everyone in the group helped each other. ... Read more

Today was our Harvest Festival, this was a harvest assembly in the hall for the whole school with poems, harvest hymns and readings by children from all classes. Thank you to everyone who brought in food, we got a fantastic amount to display. The food has now been donated to ... Read more

The Dragons have just returned from our annual trip to East Barnby Outdoor Centre. It was a very busy three days packed full of activities. On day one (after first making our beds up!) we set off to Runswick Bay where we found lots of interesting creatures, such as starfish, ... Read more

When it was Roahl Dahl day because he would have been 100 years old, year 5 not only did maths and english with a twist but in the afternoon experienced what it was like to be a `Twit` eating `spaghetti and worms`. Noodles and spaghetti were mixed together with sweets, ... Read more

On Tuesday, Years 1 and 2 went on a trip to Helmsley Castle as part of their topic on castles. The children had a great day seeing a real life castle. They all learnt a lot and could see how a castle was built, what battlements were and why a ... Read more

Gabrielle Kent our Patron of Reading is visiting school on 10th June to share her new book. Read more

ESH Property Services held a competition to name one of the streets on the new Helredale Road development. One of their representatives, Celeste Armitage and Leanne Broadhead from Yorkshire Coast Homes came in to school to award prizes to the winners. Runners up were Kelsey - 5S and Coden - ... Read more

Walk a Mile Due to poor weather this year's walk had to be switched at the last minute to the Junior playground. We tried to inform as many parents as possible of the earlier start. A big thank you to all those parents who could attend and all the staff ... Read more

The West Midlands Children's Theatre Group were in school today putting on a performance of Beauty and the Beast. Judging by the laughter coming from the hall, it seems a good time was had by all. Tiana really enjoyed it she said "It was fun and great" Nimah's favourite bit ... Read more

Year 1 have received a head teacher’s award for writing an excellent story based on the book Funny Bones. The class read the story and then retold it in a different setting. So the book was set in a dark, dark street but Year 1 changed it to a dark, ... Read more

Mr Smith gave us a all a challenge to think of a way to use and improve the area where the swimming pool used to be. Lots of people entered, over 70 so far, with many different ideas for how the area could be used. Many wanted garden areas with ... Read more

As part of their topic 'Our Body' Years 3 and 4 went to the Life Centre in Newcastle This week Miss Beedle’s class were extremely busy: we were working on our topic(our body) as part of this we went to Newcastle Life Centre which was just over two hours away. ... Read more

Following the receipt of major funding from North Yorkshire County Council for the new heating system at our school the Heating Design Engineers from Jacobs have appointed a well experienced firm of Heating Engineers called HCS along with their sub-contractors Clarkes to install the new heating system at our school ... Read more

East Whitby played host to a special recording of 'The Road' by Alistair Griffin the official song for the Tour of Yorkshire. 400 pupils (including our Year 3 and 4), from 13 different schools descended on East Whitby on Friday morning to be vocally put through their paces. to record ... Read more

East Whitby raised a fantastic £292 for comic relief. £80 was raised through making our faces funny for money, the remaining £212 pounds was raised in voting for a teacher to be gunged. Unfortunately even though Mr Smith was easily the winner of the vote, the windy conditions meant that ... Read more

East Whitby had a fantastic visit from potential Olympian and Commonwealth silver medallist James Denny. James Denny made his first breakthrough in 2011, finishing fourth in the 1m Springboard and fifth in the 10m Platform at the British Gas Diving Championships to earn himself a spot at his first European ... Read more

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